Asbestos Testing and Analysis

Aerobiology Laboratory offers testing for asbestos containing materials at our Virginia, Phoenix and Colorado locations. These labs are accredited by NVLAP for PLM analysis (EPA 600/R-93/116) on building materials, soil, microvac samples, vermiculite and tape and Point Count (EPA 400/1000). We offer 2 hour TAT, same day, 24 hours and routine TAT.

The Denver location is open on Saturday.

Contact our laboratory for rush TAT samples and volume discount.

Virginia Laboratory

NVLAP #200829 Certificate
 VA Asbestos License

Phoenix Laboratory

NVLAP PLM #500097-0

Denver Laboratory

 NVLAP #200860 Certificate
 Colorado Asbestos Lab Certificate
 CO Texas PLM Certificate

TAT Offered

2 Hours
4 Hours
Same Day
24 Hours
Routine 5 Day

Test Code

3002 PLM Bulk Asbestos Analysis

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