Training and Continued Education

The mission of Aerobiology Training Programs (ATP) is to foster and preserve high quality, educationally sound and widely accepted mold and bacterial education to IAQ Professionals seeking to increase his/her knowledge of the organisms commonly referred to as Mold and Bacteria. Our trainers are dedicated to this task to ensure that the program remains a viable and effective method of education and training for our clients. ATP promotes self-improvement, ensures academic quality and aids its clients in their quest for knowledge and excellence.

Self Taught CD Training: Mold and other Fungi in Air and on Building Materials

CD Title Description Brochure Order Form
1 Cladosporium; Ulocladium; Alterneria; Stemphylium (ABIH – 1.0 CM #09-608 —- IAQA – 10 RC’s #09012101) Click Here Click Here
2 Overview of Wood Rot Fungi (ABIH – 1.0 CM #09-609 —- IAQA – 10 RC’s #09012102) Click Here Click Here

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